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    Welcome to Faithlife Giving!

    Thank you for using Faithlife Giving!

    To get started, simply follow these three steps:

    1. Visit giving.faithlife.com and select your church or ministry
    2. Fill in the details about your organization’s contact and financial information.
    3. Share the donation form with your congregants.

    After you’ve finished setting up Faithlife Giving, you are ready to accept gifts on your church’s Faithlife page.


    If any issues come up, post them to this group. Not only will our team help you personally, but we’ll use your feedback to keep fine-tuning Faithlife Giving.


    Our goal is to make this tool a blessing to your congregation and many others, and your suggestions will help us greatly.

    Thank you again for partnering with us,

    The Faithlife Giving Team

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    1. Hi , thank you for reaching out. How can we assist you and Rehoboth Saints Center Phx?
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      Hello. I am brand new to faithlife giving and just have a quick question. I am trying to test out the "text to give" feature. I texted "Give 10" to the number we have been given and nothing happened. I did not receive any sort of confirmation. Nothing. I don't want to keep texting but I am not sure how to correct this. Please help.
      1. Ok. The new Text to Give number is working. When I ran my test, it brought about another question. It was my understanding in my initial conversation that the Text to Give was a financial platform/portal in itself. But when I ran the test, I received a message that took me to the web portal. In the rural area where I serve, there are several people who have flip phones that will not access a web portal. In other words, a good portion (not the majority or some overwhelming percentage, but a goodly number) have phones that are not smart phones with internet access. The Text to Give was supposed to be an option for these folks. Did I misunderstand something? Or is there something else I need to setup?
      2. Hey , Sadly at this time it is only done through that web portal. Allow me to check if there is anything in works for that.
      3. Thank you for reaching out, . is correct. Text to Give includes an initial setup via web browser to register the phone number for the giver and set up the stored payment method for future use. All subsequent gifts will use that stored payment account to process the gift with the giver texts Give and an amount (e.g. Give 10). We will look into other alternatives to this implementation.
    2. How do I see what my recurring giving is, and how do I change it?
      1. Hey The recurring gift menu is based per the individual member, so you can access that from the individual giving icon in the top left corner. I'll paste a screenshot to give you a visual.
      2. Thank you, . , to edit your recurring gift: Locate your gift schedule under Recurring Gifts Select the recurring gift to view its details Click Edit to change the details of the gift Once you’ve adjusted the gift, click Save
    3. My account is still pending, please help
      1. Hi , I have sent you a direct message.
    4. Is there any way to embed a Faithlife giving button on our church Facebook page?
      1. Hi , great question! To my knowledge, Facebook does not allow you to edit their code to embed a give button or page into their site but does allow you to add links, such as your giving link, to your page.
    5. For some reason the Dashboard page of our Finance Team (Northside Bible Church) is stuck on saying we are at 80% and need to publish our giving to the website. Ive already done this and it is live. Also yesterday it did say 100% and now its back to 80%. Is this Dashboard page supposed to show anything valuable in the Finance Team or is that only for people using Equip?
      1. Hi , we are looking into this. Thanks.
    6. We are just now setting up giving. Maybe I am missing a setting, but how do we determine which fund is the default on the /give page? It seems like its going in alphabetical order which means it defaults to benevolence for us instead of General. Is there a way to tell it to make a certain fund be the default fund on the give page? For now I solved this by just putting a dash in front of general. But this is sloppy.
      1. , we shipped a fix. You can drag and drop your funds in the order you’d like them to display. The first fund in the list will be your default fund. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.
      2. Great thanks!
      3. I can confirm it is working now. Thanks for the quick attention to this.
    7. We are a part of the Faithlife Equip Early Access and just this week with everything going on, decided to get set up for Faithlife Giving. We have one person who donated and it's dated as March 17, but it says pending on the donation. Just wondering how long after a donation does it show up in our account. Is it done weekly, the moment someone donates, or of some kind of regular pattern. Thanks!
      1. Hello , thank you for reaching out. I do see your gifts were successful. I will reach out to you directly to discuss further. Thanks!
      2. I’m interested in this as well. I did a test donation 6 days ago which cleared my bank 3 days ago, yet Faithlife still shows “pending”
      3. , I am reaching out to you directly.