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  • Interesting, He implies His faithfulness is based on His love. As long as He loves, He will be faithful to the ones He loves. Since His love is everlasting, and in fact He is love (1 John 4:8), He will love as long as He is alive, which is forever. And since He loves us with that love that is everlasting, He will always be faithful to us. Always. Plus, the fact that God "appeared...from far away" in the verse here in Jeremiah shows that God intentionally wanted us to know this truth and be reassured by it. Praise God!
    1. Are you always obedient? And perfectly obedient? If not, then by your definition, God's love for you is limited. If obedience is a necessary for His love then the Word is a lie. How then would God, so love the world?
    2. God's love toward His own does not vary. His love is unconditional. Our obiedence varies along with everything else, but He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus our Lord!
    3. Our obedience can limit our calling, as God cannot "honour" us if we are living dishonourably..."Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work..." (2 Ti 2:21). However, God cannot but love! He IS love. He always loves us. He grieves as our Father when we go astray, but His love is deeper than we can ever delve. What we struggle with, is that true love is ALWAYS HOLY. There is no such thing as love that is not holy or holiness that is not rooted and grounded in love.
  • Asleep On The Cushion
    Sleeping on the cushion indicates intentionally sleeping, not that Jesus just dozed off while riding along in the boat. Christ purposefully lay down and went to sleep, knowing the storm would come, but at perfect peace to rest in His Father’s care. And at no time was He ever separated or disconnected from His Father. He was just as much in contact with His Father whether awake or asleep. God as Spirit never sleeps. We never need lose confidence in the Lord even when it may seem like He is sleeping on the job, not paying attention, or doesn’t care about us. Faith in Christ goes beyond appearances. He never misses anything, as this narrative demonstrates, and His timing is always perfect. He was actually testing and increasing their faith. Luke records (Luke 8:22) that He said, “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.” He did not guarantee it would be smooth sailing. But just as with the disciples, we must trust that He will indeed get us to the other side of the lake if that’s what He said He would do. We may face challenges along life’s path, but we can be confident that Christ will never leave us nor forsake us, but rather will go with us even through the challenges. That’s not to say that at times He may remove the storm instead of taking us through it. That’s up to Him. It’s up to us whether or not we will trust Him in whatever He does.
    1. As a man he needed rest, but as God he could calm the storm with a command.
  • Yeshua/Jesus Speaking on Future Events
    this passage contains what happened to the apostles after Yeshua/Jesus went back into Heaven and the Holy Spirit came down
    1. In this passage Jesus is leaving instructions to the disciples as well as the followers on how to survive in this world. Living for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is not easy. There will be challenges in life that will take us far beyond human endurance. However, through it all, God has your back. He will supply us with everything we need, as long as we are faithful and do His will.
    1. What was "local Sanhedrins"? I thought there was only one in Jerusalem.
  • An Intresting Thought
    Our Heavenly Father is merciful yet this word seems harsh after being told this why would you as mother go on and enter the city knowing that when you do your child will die .....would not a better response be to repent and send a messenger instead
    1. Good thoughts! I'm sure they thought it a more powerful plea and less offensive to send the wife of the king rather than just a messenger. And as we see, the messenger probably wouldn't have gotten the message back in time before the child would die, if he would die as soon as even the messenger entered the city. Maybe she obeyed the prophet out of fear for herself if she disobeyed, or that she hoped she could somehow get back in time to change it, or also even that if the child would die no matter what, she would rather he die and be buried as the prophet said than to risk that he die like the others and be eaten by dogs or birds as the prophet said. Interesting indeed!
    2. Maybe she went on knowing that the child would die, links more to obedience than to her own person feeling or fears. Just as Abraham obeyed God to sacrifice his son Isaac, out of sure obedience to the Almighty God.
  • Becoming Holy
    In this passage we see the removal of the hindrances of idol worship being removed so that they can walk Holy (this also includes the idols taken from Labans house )
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    2. In the Greek Paul uses a repetition play on the word “hyper” (above, beyond) with “ὑπὲρ...ὑπερεκπερισσοῦ“ so that some early manuscripts left out the first occurrence, thinking it was an accidental repeat. Paul was actually emphasizing just how far beyond our imagination God’s abilities are.
      1. Faith In The Fight
        Here in this Passage an interesting twist is noted an armor bearer normally goes first ,because they carried the shield ....in this fashion Yeshua/Jesus is our armor bearer yet we also wear armor and carry a shield to fight , Johnathan and his armor bearer worked together just as the Father,Son, and Holy Spirit work together with us to defeat our enemies
        1. being careful on judgement
          Hannah was crying from the depths of her heart and Eli thought she was drunk yet in the passages before we see how Eli's sons were drunk ,stealing,raping and yet He did nothing and here is a woman who is pouring out her heart and he calls her drunk then tells her to go in peace