• New in Proclaim 3.3


    Proclaim 3.3 includes updates and improvements to Grid Preview, the Media Browser, better support for Planning Center import and a number of bug fixes.

    These are the highlights, but you can view the full release notes here.

    Verse Labels in Grid and Timeline

    Now in Grid Preview and Timeline, song items will show colored labels for each song part! This makes it way easier to see which slides belong to which section.

    Note: Did you know that you can jump to different song parts with your keyboard? Each letter you see on the slide is a hotkey you can press on your keyboard. This makes it easy to jump back to the chorus when your Worship leader goes off script.

    Easier to select media

    In the Media Browser in series and board views (including Group Uploads) you can now use shift to range select multiple items, quickly delete old content or add multiple items to a media board.

    Changes to Planning Center Import

    Planning Center import now brings in headings as stage direction cues and uses the item durations in Proclaim’s target time feature. 

    New from 3.2

    Timeline Pinning Modes

    If you missed it in our 3.2 release, the Timeline now supports pinning modes, including pin to center. This will keep the selected slide pinned to a specific region of the Timeline. To change it, go to Settings > General to select your mode. After that, when you navigate with arrow keys or the arrow buttons your Timeline will keep the current slide where you specified.

    General Improvements

    Proclaim 3.3 brings with it additional performance improvements for scrolling Grid Preview on macOS, fixes an issue with videos flashing their first frame when no transition is set and many more improvements. 

  • I need to set some defaults for song lyrics. How can I do it so I don’t have to reset it each time I change the background?
    1. Settings > Default Media From there you can select your song type and your virtual screen (incase you have a livestream or another output.) If you want something custom, you can make a custom smart media first (Media > Create smart media) And soon, we will make this a one-click option from any service item you have already styled.
    2. If you have a song already styled, you can create a smart media quickly by right clicking on the slide canvas in edit view, and hitting customize smart media
  • Where can I get countdowns with sound?
    1. YouTube has quite few actually
    2. I purchase them from WorshipHouse Media. They frequently have sales and you can get some good deals that way!
  • anyone having problems with videos (countdowns) playing in proclaim? We're running Win 11 and video inadvertently hang up, skip, go black while the audio continues. The videos play fine outside of proclaim. We've made sure windows OS is updated, we've updated windows media player, we've updated proclaim, we've even updated the video card drivers. Still having the same issues.
    1. Yes, I have had the same problem for the last 2 weeks. When the warmup timer starts (@8:20 & 10:20) the first service item is a countdown video. It will automatically switch to the video, however, the video does not play and there is no option to manually start the video, it basically treats it as a still picture. Prior to the timer, I was able to manually start the countdown video with no issues, so I know the video isn't corrupted. However, I even tried to reload the video into Proclaim, but I received an error when doing that as well. I had to open the actual video file and drag it over top of Proclaim to project it this morning. The rest of the presentation worked in Proclaim for the first service. I tried restarting Proclaim after the first service and the countdown video was still frozen (and showed up as a background image when hoovering the curser over other slides as a preview). I had to restart the computer for the issue to reset. Now, the church did get a new computer about two weeks ago when this started. Not sure if it is a compatibility issue or what could possibly be going wrong, but the issue seems to be with that preset timer to automatically switch from warm-up to the first service item. I was also unable to disable or delete the times from that feature as well. For now I just set the timer to PM instead of AM and will manually switch to the first service item to avoid the issue, but that is not sustainable with 6 different people running the program throughout the month. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Sorry if this is a dumb question. But every time I open Proclaim, it tells me I have an update downloaded and ready to install, and do I want to launch. So I click it. I have been through this process THREE TIMES and always made a new shortcut. No matter what I do, it thinks I'm behind. Where am I going wrong?
    1. Any time the "automatic update" within proclaim fails to work correctly, your best bet is to go directly to the website and click through download links as if you are installing proclaim for the first time. That should correctly update your proclaim.
    2. Thanks, Kyle, that seems to have worked. (I also did an Uninstall prior, this time.) And thanks everyone else for your support!
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    I just started using Proclaim along with OBS for streaming. In OBS, I added the Proclaim slides as a window capture source. In the source settings, the window name shows up as "[Proclaim.exe]: Proclaim Slides." I have the Window Match Priority set to "Match title, otherwise find window of same type." When I go on air in Proclaim, the slides show up in OBS fine. If I go off air and then back on air, the slides no longer show up in OBS. When I click on the source settings for the Proclaim slides, I get what you see in the attached picture. The word "Window" next to the dropdown menu is red and "[Proclaim.exe]: Proclaim Slides" at the top of the dropdown menu is grayed out. "[Proclaim.exe]: Proclaim Slides" shows up another time in the menu and it's not grayed out. When I select that, the slides show up again. Is there a better way to set up the Proclaim slides source so that OBS will always find it? I'm running the latest version of Proclaim, OBS 27.2.4 (64 bit) on Windows 10.
    1. We have two capture methods. Try either using screen capture instead of window capture (set it to your main slides screen), or setup a virtual NDI output in proclaim, use the NDI OBS plugin and add add it as an NDI input into OBS.
    2. What says is the easiest, , but you will have to download and install the NDI plugin for OBS (https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-ndi-newtek-ndi%E2%84%A2-integration-into-obs-studio.528/). Then you have to configure NDI outputs in Proclaim and go to OBS and add an NDI source. Second easiest is to do Display Capture and choose the display that Proclaim outputs your slides to. If you want to continue with Window Capture, make sure to choose Window Title Must Match from the dropdown.
    3. Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll try display capture. The slides are projected onto a screen and I want to stream whatever we send to the projector anyway.
  • Is it possible to set up a live stream for a Sub-Group? I am trying to set up one, and it says - "A Faithlife Live Stream subscription is required" - which I already have the subscription. If possible, please let me know why it is showing this notice; if not, this would be a wonderful addition.
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      proclaim keeps crashing(closing down) when using the church computer, running windows 11. More prevalent when editing and making changes and then syncing. less or no issue when offline
      1. How do i change the name of a song title that I entered (and now need to edit)?
      2. Is there a way to add music to the sign feed?
      3. I have a call to Worship that I enter as a song. To allow the congregation to follow along I put the Pastor's part in italic and the congregations is bolded. how can I do this in proclaim?
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          Hi So sorry for any confusion. I've realized that this function is not available for song service items. You may find this tutorial on bilingual song slides helpful to accomplish what you've described: https://faithlife.com/posts/1636382 You could also use this tip from our developer Matt: https://faithlife.com/posts/1348758
        2. I'm just curious if there's any particular reason why you are using a song item instead of a content item for this?
        3. Graham Kendrick (MCPS-PRS): HISTORY MAKERS (CCLI Song# 567999) Pub., MakeWay Music, MCPS-PRS among others, specifically wrote Songs in the call-and-response pattern. I'm certain that Composers treated translations of specific Psalms in like manner.