• is there anyway to resize videos? In mediashout we had the ability to scale 16:9 to 4:3. Yes we still run 4:3. see attached screenshot
    1. yes! For a video like that click again on change video and then you will see the options to change the fit
    2. thank you sir!
  • Who can make additional purchases on Proclaim? Is it only the "administrator" or can any team members purchase background media, for instance?
    1. Hello , Anybody can make a purchase in Proclaim and make it available to the group.
    2. Will this purchase be credited on the card associated with my account or will they be required to use their own card?
    3. they would need their own billing info attached to their own account
  • I just submitted logs. Over the last 3 weeks or so, when we are ON AIR our monitor #1 goes black for a second then comes back. We've been using the same hardware for months so about the only change could have been a Microsoft or Proclaim update. We are setup with Mon #1 (VGA) running the program, Mon #2 (DVI-HDMI) front of house, & mon #3 (DVI-HDMI) to confidence. Monitors 2 & 3 continue fine, but Mon 1 has these seconds when it goes blank which is frustrating for our volunteers.
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      Hello , Just to rule out the possibility, do you have another cable you can use to connect Mon #1 back to the computer to make sure it isn't a result of the cable? I did peak through your logs, and nothing is standing out that would indicate a display problem to me. If you don't have any other cables available, you can try swapping cables between the monitors. If the VGA cable produces similar problems on other monitors we can likely conclude it's the cable.
    2. I replaced the cable with a brand new one & also replaced the monitor with a brand new one. Problem persists
    3. What kind of computer are you using? If you can share a model number , I can look up the specs that way.
  • I noticed another member on here is having a similar, if not the same problem I'm now experiencing. For the past two or three weeks, the welcome slide I regularly use has a moving background of clouds rolling slowly. However, when I switch to a song, which has a different and still background, the rolling cloud remains. Some of the slides won't even come up at all! They'll flash for a second then go to a blank screen with the rolling clouds. I even deleted the cloud screen and tried another with falling snowflakes and the same thing occurred. What exactly is going on with this program now?
    1. I just submitted the log files also.
    2. Thank-you, we will take a look! And sorry for issues
    3. Thank you, I'll be waiting. :-)
  • We had our first test of live streaming yesterday, we had planned to try it a few weeks ago, but the isp we were using was way too slow. we switched to a different service and it was amazing how a faster internet service helped. I embedded it to the home page of our website and used OBS to stream to YouTube. Does anyone else have recommendations for a streaming service? Here is the stream in case anyone has any recommendations on what we could do differently or better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbNMw7Dyozo
    1. love that bumper package. did you make this inhouse?
  • I'm having a recurring slide change error. The slides will not move past one spot in the presentation. I have submitted log files... any help appreciated.
    1. Hey Thanks for the logs from your desktop application. Are you able to send us your mobile logs as well. You'll see an option that says 'send support info' Also, was this happening today or on Sunday? Any date/time you can think of will help us narrow down the search in the logs.
    2. It happened yesterday, sunday December 8th. I will send the mobile logs when I am back in office tomorrow, Tuesday, December 10th . Thank you
  • So can I move my proclaim songs to say EasyWorship? I am asking as our church moved to a location that doesn’t have internet connection and we have as a backup on a PC a version of EasyWorship
    1. Hi , Exporting the song library isn't currently built into Proclaim. However I can check with development to see if we can grab your songs for you.
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      you can use proclaim without internet. You can use the backup/restore feature to save presentations to a flash drive and take it wherever
    3. We used the backup/restore function for months before moving into our current location , it worked well for us
  • Is there any way to publish a recorded sermon without the video/slideshow that normally accompanies it? We recorded and published a sermon last week (Dec. 1) with slides but we now need to remove those slides from the publishing. I tried logging into Faithlife Sermons as an admin and deleted the video. However, this appears to only prevent someone from downloading the video as the sermon can still be played (audio & slides) within the Faithlife Sermons site. For the time being I have marked the published sermon as deleted so it cannot be viewed publicly. But we'd like to publish it with just the audio if possible. Thanks in advance for your help.
    1. You could probably go to that sermon, download the audio of the sermon and reupload the audio directly to Faithlife Sermons
    2. Then delete the original sermon
    3. Thank you very much. This worked.
  • Help! When I am in the edit mode and online the backgrounds I created are not changing when I click on other slides. For example if I have a welcome slide and try to go to a scripture slide, the welcome will stay in the background and the scripture will appear in the foreground. What am I doing wrong? I have tried to restart the program and checked for updates.
    1. This sounds like an odd issue, can you call me when you have a free moment so I can look at the problem with you ? You can reach me at 888-634-2038
    2. I have also had this problem intermittently. A reboot has always fixed it, but I know that's not a permanent solution :)
    3. I believe I have found the issue and am working on a fix! Thanks again for bringing this to our attention
  • Good Morning, We have two service times, with identical content, that use the same presentation schedule. Are we able to have two audio recordings for the same presentation schedule? Thanks
    1. Hello , Yes you can do that. Just make sure you take it "Off Air" in between your two services so that you have two separate recordings and not one long for the two services