• I am having a lot of trouble saving media. I have a Song Template that I use and simply add a background. However, Proclaim will either 1) Say 'Upload failed' after pressing the save button. 2) Say 'Failed to upload thumbnails or 3) It will show the Saving loading screen and basically have no end no matter how long I wait. How can I fix this?
    1. , saving as a compressed file is normal. I'm not sure why you can't open or send it however, what operating system are you on? I can send you a Google drive invite and you can try uploading it there.
    2. I am on Windows 10 Home, 32-bit operating system.
    3. How much disk storage do you have left on the computer? Also, have you considered trying to switch the system up to Windows 10 64-bit? 32-bit systems, from our experience, tend to cause more problems as it's limited on the amount of RAM that it can use.
  • I downloaded a video and although I have volume during my preview, there is no volume in the presentation from the TV. Please advise.
    1. Oh, and yes I am referring to the Digital Sign.
    2. I have volume on my laptop of the video in preview, but no volume from the tv at any time.
    3. Hey Thanks for the information, to add on to what Justin said. Signage videos are muted by start. In most scenarios you can just mouse over the video and unmute them, but for Firestick it doesn't appear and something our developers are looking into, but no timetable on that right now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we can post back here once that feature is available for you.
  • Looking for a way to copy slides from one presentation group to another.
    1. uh oh. At what step is this happening? When exporting the presentation or switching groups? Sorry for the inconvenience.
    2. during the restoring of the backup in the new presentation team.
  • powerpoint is not loading. I keep getting an error message
    1. Hey Thanks for giving us a call, but I'll attach some instructions in case others are running into this. We'll want to take a look at your log files which can be obtained from the Help menu in Proclaim. Feel free to email that zip file & your PowerPoint file to support@faithlife.com We chatted and you informed us that the error message was 'unexpected error occurred' For a quick work around -- you can export the PowerPoint slides as images and then import those images into Proclaim. I believe you are doing this now based on our discussion earlier today. Feel free to give me a call back at 888-634-2038 if you have any questions. We'll be here from 6am PST to 6pm PST.
  • Suddenly I am being told by the system to set up my church group and sub group (presentation team); I have both, and now I am not able to add my calendar items or make any adjustments, changes to my presentation at all? ? ?
    1. Hi Slav, I have no other E-mail address that is used, only the Caprock-spur address and just having problems that I need to fix right away so I can do the additions and final things needed for tonight.
    2. Hi Slav, I have signed out, signed back in and I am still missing my calendar items from the "suggested item" drop down. Also, it will not let me make any adjustments to the slides. Now, having said that, I am having some internet issues and I am currently having to use my cell phone hot spot to connect, can that have anything to do with this issue?
    3. can you tell me the name of the presentation you're having trouble with? Also can you tell me a little bit more about what adjustments you're making? Are you changing the text in a slide or the background? Regarding the calendar, are you seeing any kind of error or notice when you try to view your church group events in Proclaim?
  • For the last couple weeks, the font on some of my slides has changed color after I set them up, then we go to use them and can barely see the words. I think each time the font has changed from white letters to black. Has this happened to anyone else? Any idea what is going on?
    1. Hi , did you get a chance to send us the log files?
    2. My wife sent them from her email but sent from the computer she used to creat the program. Will send from the one we use to play the program on Sunday. Thank you.
  • I am the worship leader for my church and also create the slides that someone else runs during the service. For song slides, is there an easier way to indicate that I will repeat a slide multiple times, other putting that slide in there multiple times. Like if I am planning to do the bridge 4 times in a row, is my only option to do "Bridge, Bridge, Bridge, Bridge" in the verse order? Thanks!
    1. Hi , we do have a feature called Custom Slide Order in Proclaim that quickly lets you change the order of the song without actually changing how to the song appears in the database. Are you using that now? However if you use Custom Slide Order you'll need to have "Bridge" added 4 times in a row and that still creates 4 slides with the "bridge" in your presentation. Is your main concern with having the 4 "bridge" slides in a row or the method of adding the 4 "bridge slides"? The only other way I can think of is having 1 slide but adding a line that says 4x.
    2. Hi ; You can use B, B, B, B for this, if that is what you're concerned about. Or, you could alter the bridge each time you do a song by adding (Repeat X times) as we used to do with overhead transparencies back in the day. Or . . . merely tell the operator to be on their toes as our worship leader sometimes does :-)
    3. What we do if we're going to be repeating a slide multiple times is that we create a slightly different slide for each time. For example, if we are repeating the bridge four times, I create Bridge 4, Bridge 3, Bridge 2, Bridge 1. The only difference between the four is that I put 4 asterisks right under the lyrics on Bridge 4, 3 asterisks on Bridge 3, etc. This helps our people know how many more times we are going to sing that bridge and it also helps the operator as there is a noticeable difference when the slides change.
  • When I post certain videos in the Warm-Up section of the presentation, it automatically selects a 15s play time. How do I change that?
    1. No, it is not a downloaded videa, it is from YouTube. It plays the full video in the Presentation, but only 15s in the Warm-Up section
    2. Ah, since its webpage Proclaim doesn't know how long the video is, so you will need to type the duration in the auto advance as seconds.. I wish I had a better answer!
    3. Thanks! I'll give it a try!
  • A continuing problem: I asked about this a few weeks ago. When adding a slide to the presentation the new slide jumps to somewhere else in the presentation and I have to drag it back to where I wanted it. With the previous slide highlighted no matter what I am attempting to add it does not fall in behind the current highlighted slide. It could be a new content, video, bible, image slideshow, it doesn't matter the new slide jumps somewhere else in the presentation.
    1. Hi , Again, I'm sorry that this is inconveniencing you. Until the fix is shipped, a work around would be to click on the slide that you would like your new item to appear below. This should keep slides from appearing in incorrect places.
    2. Michael I am not sure what you mean. I always have the slide highlighted that I want the new one to follow. I have even tried going to browse (to pick a new slide) and once a slide is picked click "Add as new content item" and it still jumps.
    3.  — Edited

      , I'm sorry my previous comment was unclear. With this bug, even though the slide is highlighted, behind the scenes, Proclaim thinks another (not highlighted) slide is selected. Clicking on the slide above where you want your new slide to go will fix this problem. I have also attached a link to a video that hopefully will clear things up. Hopefully this helps. We are still hoping to have this fixed next week.
  • Having issues all of the sudden controlling the presentation through the app on my phone. Worked fine for months now it seems to freeze every Sunday. Any suggestions?
    1. Hey I am sorry to hear about that. We are trying to make the remote a seamless tool. We can dig deeper, but we'll need log files from the remote device and from the presentation computer. 1. Obtaining Logs From Your Mobile Device: Not sure what device you have, but you'll see a gear or settings icon that will take you to a menu. Choose send support info. On IOS it'll look like a hamburger. 2. Sending Logs From Your Presentation Computer (make sure its the computer you were running Proclaim with on Sunday) In Proclaim go to the Help menu and choose 'save log files' Then send us that zip file to support@faithlife.com
    2. Thank you. It think I sent it over