• New Feature! Confidence Templates

    Confidence monitor customization is one of our most requested features. We’ve heard you, and we’re making it happen. You can now preview the confidence output per item with the new Confidence tab available in the Edit view of every service item. Choose between a few predefined templates, including Presenter View and Large Lyric Preview.

    Use Presenter View while controlling Proclaim from the pulpit—it shows you your notes and the upcoming slide in addition to the clock and any current timers, such as a confidence or recording timer. It can also be used on the back screen for those who want the next slide preview on their confidence monitor.

    Large Lyric Preview increases the size of the preview line and its brightness to make it more visible when the confidence monitor is far from the stage.

    You don’t have to use the same template for everything. Choose your own defaults for each item type within Proclaim in the settings. You can also override this default per item on the Confidence tab.

    Soon—in weeks, not months—you’ll be able to build your own confidence templates! This will allow you to change the color, size, and position of the elements.

    What would you like to see on a confidence monitor? Video or motion backgrounds? Chords?

    We’d love your feedback! Let us know in the comments below. All the above is available in Proclaim version 2.12 

  • Good afternoon to all , Question is the Import presentation option for Planning Center off line or down today ? I keep getting error try again . Thanks for the help
    1. Hey You might need to unlink and relink your Planning Center credentials back into Proclaim. I believe Planning Center has a validation token that expires after certain amount of days unless it is relinked. Give that a try and let us know if that solves what's happening.
    2. Thank you I will give it a shot .
  • I'm trying to work with incorporating some photos into our website. Is there any way to use a photo as the page background? Currently when you add a photo, it simply puts it above your text with no option to move it in front of or behind text, etc.
    1. Hi , unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to replace the entire page background. If you know HTML/CSS, you can use the HTML widget to apply the image as a background in your widget. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • I'm currently running the 30-day free trial of Proclaim at my new church and noted this doesn't give access to media that is part of either Faithlife Proclaim Pro Media or Faithlife Partner Media. I thought that when I ran the same trial at my previous church, these were both included for the trial period. Has something changed or am I simply not remembering things correctly?!
    1. The presentation group is "West Street Christian Fellowship (UK) Presentation"
    2. Hi , when I pull up your presentation group I seem to be able to add Pro Media content without a problem. Can you open up the Media Browser, click Owned at the top of the window, then click on the Proclaim Pro Media collection filter in the left side bar. You should have all of the Pro Media content available to you. Let me know if that's not the case. I included a screenshot for reference.
    3. Hi - apologies, it all works fine. I was trying to access something from the Partner Media set, not ProMedia. I thought, initially, that both were included in the trial. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your support.
    1. correct. The first part of the video are the slides that are built with Adobe and then that video is merged with the live stream of the teaching. I know these folks and had them explain how they make the videos. I wanted the video announcement video look because it seems like a much more effective way to get people to view announcements on social media. I think people are more likely this video loop as they scroll their Facebook feed than they are to click on our bulletin link and view the announcement bulletin hosted on Faithlife. Perhaps I could just dupliate the slides over and over, so the run time of the recording is 15 minutes or so. I would think that once people realize the announcements have started over, they will move on anyway. The part that isnt very attractive is that we'd have to let the recording run on air to generate the 15 minutes of video loop, correct?
    2. Gotcha, do you have access to video editing software? If so it would probably be easiest to export the images out of Proclaim like I described, instead of letting Proclaim run, for 15 mins. And actually this seems like a great use case for Signage. You could make a feed and then post it on Facebook. The only problem is the link is not very attractive at the moment, I’m looking at making that better now!
    3. thank you! I really appreciate the way you support us in the church!
  • Hey All - We are looking to pick up 1-2 Amazon Fire Stick's to start using the Digital Sign feature of Proclaim. Any suggestions on which model of Fire Stick to pick up?
    1. I just bought one when Amazon was having their sale day. it's just a basic model. In my opinion you don't need anything more than that.
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    Is there a Faithlife logo I can use as a background image for one of the pages on our church website?
    1.  — Edited

      Hi , I have direct messaged you on faithlife with some images you can download.
  • Calling all songwriters! 🎼 Do you have an original worship song that just has to be heard? Now’s your chance!
    1. Hello All, I have been watching Proclaim since it came out and have been a Logos/Faithlife user for about 15yrs. We have been using ProPresenter for years and would like to switch to Proclaim and you guys are users. I observed most of the post on this page is about issues/complaints but I have a question. Would you strongly recommend Proclaim for a small church with dual projectors, confidence projector, and a lobby display? I also use a large display onstage which I usually use Keynote on.
      1. Our church is exactly what you described as your church down the number of screens. We just switch from pro presenter three weeks ago, and my media team and I love it. No regrets. Make the switch :-).
      2. We are a small church who has been using Proclaim for a couple of years now. We actually just started using the confidence monitor recently after some of the recent upgrades. Sounds like Proclaim would be a perfect solution for your situation. And I'm sure you won't find any better customer service anywhere. The Faithlife team is great when it comes to that.
      3. Multi campus church here , We have multiple video screens too & we stream from one campus to the other,every Sunday. We too have started using Proclaim , moved for PP6 . I HIGHLY recommend Proclaim . Its has saved us ( programmers ) so may hours of weekly programming and has worked very well for ever campus . You will not be disappointed. I suggest try it for 30days .
    2. Twice now recently all of our default media options have changed to "black" instead of the smart media I had previously applied. I've checked with our other presentation creators and they haven't changed them- is this something that updates cause to revert?
      1. Duplicating most of the time.
      2. Can you please submit the log files from Proclaim? Click Help > Submit log files.
      3. Submitted.
    3. When I want to insert a song that we have used in the past, why does the song import into my presentation- without backgrounds. Can you add songs previously used and keep the background setting you last used with that song? How? Also, this may be a silly questions but when I go to look back at previous Sunday presentations and click on the calendar I can not view them. How can I do this? thank you!
      1. Also to look at older presentations you would want to click File > Open and locate your presentations there. Clicking on the calendar icon will only change the date of the presentation that is currently open.