• New Beta Feature: Live Stream Cues

    Live stream setups can be confusing, so the Proclaim team came up with a solution that makes it easier: live stream cues in Proclaim.

    It’s as simple as turning on your webcam in Proclaim’s settings, choosing some lower thirds media, adding live stream cues, and going On Air!

    You can use any live stream provider, but we recommend Faithlife Live Stream for a more seamless integration. With a Live Stream subscription you can select your stream from the menu. If you choose another provider, type in your live stream information.

    This feature is currently in open beta and is only available for 64-bit Windows version of Proclaim. Support for Mac is forthcoming. Learn more

  • Is there a way to change Sermon Recording Elements (Speaker, Image, Series, etc.) before recording the Sermon? We have 3 main presenters. Also Date "defaults" to Sundays but we meet on Saturdays. Can we change this default setting?
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      Hi , you'd only be able to assign sermon recording elements (such as the speaker, image, etc) after you are done with your sermon recording. However, you can change these elements before publishing it in Proclaim, so there's no worries about the public seeing any default elements in your sermon recording!
  • Good Evening, We were trying to trial the Proclaim app on our laptop and to link it through the Blackmagic software system which is what we use to mix our camera feeds and worship song displays but to no avail......help please.
    1. Proclaim works fine from either Laptop direct to the splitter to screens, even our old Mac base unit runs it fine, its just the link through blackmagic......but we'll try it again and pray 🙏🏽 😁 Yes the Samsung S6 is an android device.... ok that's what we thought, but just had to make sure. Bless you.
    2. I believe you have to match the output iMac resolution to resolution you have set in your Atem. In many cases you need something like Decimator box to down scale/upscale the signal to make all Atem inputs the same resolution.
    3. Bless you thank you, i'll gv that a try.
  • anyone else having difficulty getting the internal mic to show up in proclaim today?
    1. Found the answer...I think....https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020251072-Help-Proclaim-won-t-record-on-my-Mac
  • Good afternoon. I am wanting to use Proclaim and the screens for Bible Study to also show on Facebook. Is this possible and what are the steps. Thanks in advance. Felix Petteway
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      When you say Facebook do you mean Facebook Live? and what are you referring to with “screens for Bible Study”?
  • Can I use Proclaim to prerecord my sermon WITH Video and post in to Facebook later?
    1. For the past two weeks, in the middle of our presentation, the videos have quit working. Sometimes you can just quit Proclaim and reload it and they will come back in working order. Most of the time Proclaim won't reload and you have to unistall the program and re-download it before it will work again. Has anyone else had this problem before. If so can we fix it.
      1. Ok, I'll go fire it up and send you the logs off of it.
      2. Thanks for sending the logs. Can you make sure you're up-to-date on all your Windows updates? In addition, you mentioned streaming. Are you using video input with this? There are some known issues on Windows with showing videos and video input at the same time, and streaming is pretty memory intensive. Doing these three things at the same time might be taxing your computer and causing a hang.
    2. Hi- I am new to using Proclaim. Can someone tell me how to edit the length of a YOU TUBE video I want to play? I know how to add it - via website, correct? I just need it to start on second 40 and end on 2:08
      1. So I am not adding a video, but a youtube link with a video. I just asked in an online chat group and unfortunately there isn't a way to edit the start/end times. Just an FYI. Thanks for the input!
      2. I use Real Audio to record the video to my local computer then clip the saved video to the beginning and end that I want then upload into Proclaim as a video.
      3. We do something similar to what does. That also avoids issues that might occur if you have internet issues while you're presenting.
    3. I have a quick question for the team. Now that we've went back to meeting in church I'e added the projector to the mix so the slides show on the screen behind the pastor. In Proclaim in preview I see the background image the text / verses are on, but on the screen I only see the text, no background image? Is there a setting I'm missing? Thanks in advance, Patt
      1. We are new to Proclaim, but in display settings, you might try changing that screen to mirror the screen that you see both the background and the text.
      2. it sounds like you might have your projector set to show 'Slide Foreground only' when you would want regular 'slides' for the projector. You can find these settings within Proclaim > Settings > Display
    4. Having problems editing the Confidence Template. After some adjustment I get the view shown in the Picture. The Version is up to date and shows Since some days we had now and then the text "Please update Proclaim to use this Confidence item" inside the header element but now its on content as well.
      1. thanks for the report and sorry for the issues! We are taking a look and will follow up if we need more info.
      2. Hi , I'm sorry you're having trouble. We'll take a look and see if we can figure out what's happening.
    5. We are new to using Proclaim. I have been going into the church to project on our screen for those that wish to come. The majority are still using zoom. I want to record the entire service with the audio from the zoomed participants that are reading. The recording is to be posted on our website. Is anyone trying to do all of this? Any suggestions to include the audio into the recording? or record in Zoom?
      1. Recording in Zoom might be your best option, . We love Proclaim and all that we can do with it, but one of the issues that it falls a tiny bit short is recording. Proclaim records slides and audio, but not motion video. We use OBS to record our services.
      2. I'm thinking that you might be able to use OBS to do this. The tricky part would be making sure you can get the audio from Zoom as an input into OBS.
      3. THANK YOU!